Vice President - Mike Mosbrooker
Frequency Coordinator - Phil Tallman
District RC Coordinator - Dan Rood
District CL, FF Coordinator - Mike Hazel

AMA National

Mission Statement

From: Chuck Bower -  District XI VP

Chuck Bower
Langley, Washington

One of my goals is to promote the role of mentor in our clubs. Mentors, teachers, coaches, and instructors all are important in our society. As club members and individual modelers, we can offer a lot of skills we have learned over the years. It’s not just the best pilots and builders that get the chance to inspire others to try modeling; it’s the average modeler that can make a big impact on others by sharing what we enjoy every day.

Now is the time to take a second look at club activities that can have an impact on how we are seen by our communities. The time has come when we don’t measure a community event’s success by how many new club members join our ranks, but by the good will and understanding we gain from the people in our communities. It’s time to redefine how clubs participate in our communities to promote responsible modeling.

I look forward to attending as many summer events that I can get to, and during winter time I like to visit club meetings. I’m very interested in what clubs do to attract their members to meetings. I also encourage District XI AVPs to attend meetings in their area and pass what they learn back to me.

We’re all in this together, and now more than ever we need our voices heard. I’d be honored to echo your voice in the Executive Council. Please cast your vote and show the other districts we care enough to vote.


Chuck Bower


Chuck Bower