Vice President - Chuck Bower
Frequency Coordinator - Phil Tallman
District RC Coordinator - Michael Ingram
District CL, FF Coordinator - Mike Hazel

AMA National

Calendar of Events

AMA National - Events Calendar Link


District XI Events - Note:
It would be a full time job just keeping up with details of all the events in District XI, and the most efficient way to deal with this is using the AMA national events calendar. Most all AMA modeling events end up here with few exceptions.
In an attempt to better serve District XI, we can add PDF flyers of your event directly on the District Site. If you send a PDF of your event, I will make sure it gets added here. This for District XI events only

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Upcoming Events

  • None have been submitted to the district web as of January for 2016


Events in MA

If you'd like to see your event featured in Model Aviation in the District XI section, please submit details of your event along with color photo's, best in its original size. Contact your local AVP or Chuck for details on event submissions.

 Don't expect Chuck to come take pictures or write about your event as this is far too much work.. Besides this interferes with his fishing

Eflite Pitts and a Central Oregon Sunset